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In July 19, 1991, way before India set off its economic reforms, NCCL had urged the Planning Commission’s Deputy Chairman, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, to go for reforms.

NCCL called for striking a balance between national needs and international pressure, making it mandatory for companies to adopt some villages for their overall uplift (with definite time frames and penalty for shortfalls), at the time of issuing the ‘Letter of Intent’.


A prime focus area among NCCL’s diverse activities is: increasing the common person’s access to fresh water in the driest regions of India. NCCL believes that inequality in access to water is the route cause for poor quality of life in the vast rural regions of India.

The States of Gujarat and Rajasthan are drought-prone, owing to a host of reasons -- the natural rainfall patterns, the water-holding capacity of the soil, the groundwater recharge capability, etc. NCCL has relentlessly addressed these problems through:


In August 2000, in view of the escalating violence in Jammu & Kashmir, NCCL conducted surveys in New Delhi, Bombay, Ahmedabad, Baroda and Jaipur, to ascertain public opinion about abrogation of Article 370, to bring J&K into the mainstream. 92% of the respondents voted in favour of abolition of the Article. The survey results were conveyed to the Prime Minister.


February 2001: Following the Gujarat earthquake of 26th January, 2001, NCCL organized and supplied relief material to some of the most affected populations in the remotest areas of Anjaar, Bhuj, Gandhidham and Nakhatrana. The relief material, assimilated in association with various industrial houses, included tents, blankets, stoves, garments, ration kits, etc. An 18-member NCCL team, led by its President, Mr V. K. Saxena, spent seven days in Kutch, distributing relief material.

NCCL also paid a candle-lit tribute to the quake victims at Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad, on 25th March 2001, at a function attended by His Excellency Shri Sunder Singh Bhandari, the then Governor of Gujarat, and Mr Justice D C Shrivastava of Gujarat High Court. On this occasion, members of the public and NCCL volunteers lit 20,000 candles in homage to the 20,000 people who perished in the earthquake. This was the biggest event of its kind in the Country.


In March 2001, NCCL roped in ‘Earth Center’ of DehraDun, a well-known organization with expertise in analyzing satellite images, to study the SSP dam site through satellite information systems. The study analyzed the conditions of the site before and the after the Gujarat earthquake of January 26, 2001. The Earth Center conducted the study on a no-profit basis.

Plight of Indian Soldiers : October 2007

Incidents of fragging are increasing day by day. In the recent past, it was noticed that soldiers are involved in sexual assault, killing their superiors and maiming their peers. Some have even committed suicide in frustration. Many have left the armed forces and gone back to civilian life. NCCL realized the seriousness of such incidents, and studied the whole situation in consultation with experts and for the first time raised this issue with Defence Minister and Chief of the Army Staff. NCCL suggested various measures to solve this issue in the national interest. Integrated Head Quarters of Ministry of Defence (MoD), in its reply, has appreciated the suggestions of NCCL and conveyed “Your suggestions to solve the problems will go a long way towards the welfare of the soldiers”.

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ISRO needs a new teether : October 2007

ISRO is India’s renowned scientific institution, once known for their innovation, have become hot bed of politics and inefficiency despite immense potential. NCCL, being an NGO, for the first time, wrote to the Prime Minister highlighting certain key issues of it’s working such as why young scientists in ISRO do not find the strong sense of belonging that a young NASA scientist finds in his work place, why ISRO is different from NASA and lacks the luster, why ISRO is involved in such activities, which can be outsourced, so that it can move on to more exciting horizons in research, why ISRO Earth Observation Office, has become a place of mediocrity from where talented people have fled? Why we recognize NASA with space endeavors and hold ISRO at a state of lowered expectation? Why ISRO has become an organization of low moral at all levels. NCCL letter suggested various steps to improve the functioning of ISRO.

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Bombs below the feet: The nation on its toes: July 2008

The serial bombs that went off on 26th July 2008 in Ahmedabad have created an unprecedented situation of inexplicable fear. In Ahmedabad, below the peaceful footsteps of the father of the nation, the violators of humanity planted bombs and destroyed the last traces of non-violence. This was not the first time that terrorists succeeded and we lost. This unleashing of mindless terror is a fundamental challenge to survival of the common man.

NCCL President, after long discussions with intellectuals, civil servants, politicians, lawyers, Sr. Journalists and general public wrote a letter to the Prime Minister on what additional safeguards we should assume as a society to the efforts being made by the Government in collecting useful intelligence on the threats to public security. NCCL launched nationwide Survival of Society (SOS) Campaign for gathering intelligence with public participation.

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Flagging failure while shooting success of Abhinav Bindra: August 2008

On the 11th of August 2008, Abhinav Bindra shot his way to Gold in Beijing Olympics and flooded the country with an emotion of overwhelming nationalism. With one shot of a bullet, Abhinav turned his hometown “Chandi”garh to “Sona”garh and filled the nation with the ecstasy of success. For a society scarred by terrorist attacks, trivialization of polity, corruption and daily desperation, this achievement came in as a breeze of fresh air.

The National Anthem played to the background and the pride of India resonated in Beijing. The tricolour flew free in the Olympic wind. But at that moment of overwhelming Indian-ness, we noticed that in the National Flag, the saffron had been replaced by yellow. This was a matter of serious indignity to the National Flag. This serious lapse speaks of the gross negligence and lack of nationalism by the management of Indian contingent at the Olympics.

NCCL in a letter to Prime Minister highlighted the carelessness of the Indian Olympic Committee and demanded an apology and immediate replacement of faulty national flag.

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Film Actress Shabana Azmi involved in Politics of Religion: August 2008

In an interview to Karan Thappar Shabana Azmi said the Indian democracy has been unfair to muslims and she was denied a home in Mumbai because she is a Muslim.

NCCL president in a letter to Ms. Azmi challenged her to come out with facts and tell the nation the name of the builder or project that denied her the “right to property” on the basis of religion. NCCL also offered to fight on her behalf, incase proper and justifiable evidence are provided. NCCL also clarified that if she has just spoken out of the irresponsibility that does not behold her position and privileges in the society, NCCL will not tolerate such people who disturb the secular peace of this land. Ms. Azmi failed to identify the builders that have denied her right to property thereby confirming that she lied to the nation.

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Anti-Secular to Anti-Development: What next Ms. Shabana Azmi? : September 2008

Ms. Azmi brought another disgrace on her hitherto clean image when she on 20 August 2008 at Indore released a report prepared by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) that diminishes the value, importance and service of SSP. By joining hands with those who have introduced impediments in the path of national development, Ms. Shabana brought upon her the stigma of ill association and the choice of anti-social voice. NCCL President, in a letter to Ms. Azmi highlighted the benefits of SSP, which has provided life sustenance and equal opportunity to millions of rural and urban population in Gujarat & Rajasthan and said that “It is utterly disgraceful that you chose to show your opposition to such a life-sustaining project by releasing this report that belittles the human efforts of national development”. NCCL is bringing out a point-wise rejoinder that exposes the glaring misinformation promoted by the TISS report.

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War against Nation by Pakistan & Bangladesh : December 2008

The terrorists attack in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Mumbai during 2008, have created an unprecedented situation of inexplicable fear. In Ahmedabad, below the peaceful footsteps of the father of the nation, the violators of humanity planted bombs and destroyed the last traces of non-violence. India is passing through an extraordinary context of history. Our survival as a nation has been challenged like never before by the dastardly attacked of the enemy in Mumbai. The nation is aghast and its people are distraught and forlorn. This is not the first time that we have been challenged by the satans. NCCL held long discussions with intellectuals, civil servants, politicians, lawyers, Sr. Journalists and general public to seek opinion on what additional safeguards we should assume as a society to the efforts being made by the Government in collecting useful intelligence on the threats to public security.

NCCL wrote letters on 30/07/08 and 01/12/08 to the Prime Minister suggesting various steps to involve the civil society in the process of gathering collective intelligence on the enemies of our society, who have misused the hospitality and opportunity provided by our peaceful progress. Some of our suggestions were accepted by the Government.

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NCCL gives Rs.100,000 to Ahmedabad terror victim : December 2008

NCCL President V K SAXENA handed over a Fix Deposit Receipt of Rs.100,000 to a 10-year-old Yash Vyas, one of the victims of Ahmedabad serial bomb blasts. The amount, was collected by the Future Group on behalf of NCCL, was given to Yash, who lost his father and 11-year-old brother in the July 26 blast.

The FDR was given to Yash on 20/12/08 at his residence in presence of his mother, Mrs. Geetaben Vyas. On matuarity, Yash will get Rs. 1.32 lacs.

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Bat the ball of Terror and Ban Pakistan from International Cricket : January 2008

Pakistan has become a rogue state offering safe haven to terror recruiters and handlers. The Mumbai attack by 10 Pakistani gunmen in November 2008 bears this out. The Prime Minister Of India called Pakistan the "epicenter of terrorism."

Underworld and terrorism are both financed today by the same source of illegal funds and these funds are influencing cricket. The domain of international cricket in the recent times has seen some unbecoming incidents. Pakistan cricket is tainted by the stigma of terrorism and since cricket is a popular game in that country ICC needs to act for the common good. Javed Miandad is the Director General of Pakistan Cricket Board and closely related to Dawood Ibrahim. The US State Department has termed Dawood as "specially designated global terrorist" for his links with Al Qaeda. Further Munir Hafiz a retired Lt. General in the Pakistan army is on the Governing Board of Pakistan Cricket, signifying that the ethos of the Army can be impregnated into the functioning of Pakistan Cricket.

NCCL feels that ICC should stand fully alerted of this situation and proceed with banning or suspending Pakistan from the world of cricket, till the State sponsored terrorism is put to an end from the Pakistani soil, which is in the interest of the world security, safety and peace.

NCCL wrote letters to the ICC President Mr. David Morgan for imposing a ban on Pakistan from International cricket, which ICC promptly replied.

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