Pollution Control

Mission ENDURE: Inspiration
In the year 2000, Mr Shim Wan Gu, Mayor of Ulsan city of Korea, visited Ahmedabad, to sign a “Sister City Agreement”. He made a statement that he was “greatly disappointed with Ahmedabad’s pollution.”

Then, in March 2003, there was a newspaper report about Ms Kristof Coenen, who came from Belgium to Ahmedabad to study Dance, but left the city soon. The reason, in her words, was: “I found that the air of the city is not worth breathing. As a dancer, I am concerned about my body, as dance is the expression of what we have within. When the inside is being polluted, the body does not work properly.”

These two incidents hurt and haunted me for a long time, and I made up my mind to do something to alleviate the situation, at an appropriate time. Then came a scientific study report that held Ahmedabad as the most polluted city in the country, with more than double the permissible limit of suspended solids in the air.

That was it. I said to myself: The appropriate time is NOW.

I discussed this with others of a like mindset, and Mission ENDURE was born.

The rest, is history.

V K Saxena
President, NCCL


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