India is the world’s largest and most dynamic democracy. Our constitution provides citizens of India ideal levels of freedom of thought and action. We as a nation, and Indians as individuals, have progressed so far on the wings of this independence of spirit and life.

However, we also see that this precious gift of freedom is as much misused as it is used. Today, in every field of life – individual, social, entrepreneurial, political and cultural – we see conflicts arising out of this misuse, and injustices going unquestioned or unredressed.

Today, if you are a socially conscious and politically aware person, you would agree that moral outrage alone would not serve any purpose. Today, an individual’s duty as a good citizen does not end with just being a good citizen himself / herself. Today, one must stand up against evils of all kinds that besiege the society, attack them upfront, and keep fighting until goodness prevails. Otherwise, we are all in trouble, and we would walk into a benighted future.

Simply put, National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) is just that -- a group of conscionable citizens who stood up, and fought against evils.

Today, what began as a voice of protest in 1991, has evolved into a streamlined organization that puts up mighty fights against evils and injustices of all kinds, and offers support to fellow beings in times of tragedy. The fact that NCCL has succeeded in almost all the causes it has taken up, points to the superlative levels of determination, strategization and mobilization that has come to characterize the organization today.


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